LifeStyle with Patty Mack
LifeStyle with Patty Mack


Over the past decade, we have both purchased and sold investment properties with the help and services of Lee Johnson and Patty Mack. They are an incredibly knowledgable team that work in an efficient, ethical and realistic manner to ensure that no opportunity is lost. They are so easy to work with and go that extra mile doing whatever it takes for the seller or buyer to secure business.

We have learned a great deal from them and feel so much more confident with the real estate decisions that we have made. Our investments have earned us enough profits to improve our own home and purchase our neighbours home which has greatly increased our quality of life and nest egg for our children.

When the time is right we will work with Lee and Patty again and would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or sell real estate in Greater Victoria.

Tasha and Louis

We contacted Patty Mack by e-mail with questions about the Victoria condo market, after a friend recommended her to us as their listing agent. She answered all our questions in several e-mails and provided us with useful information about the current market situation at the time.

When we were ready to list our property, we met with Patty and her business partner, Lee Johnston. They were well-prepared explaining the value of current listings in the area, what their marketing plan would be for our property and offered helpful suggestions.

They listened to our concerns and explained the listing contract thoroughly. Their professional, courteous manner convinced us that we had made the right choice. Patty and Lee kept us updated throughout the whole process of completing a successful sale and were accessible whenever needed.  It was evident that Patty and Lee worked to ensure the best possible outcome for us and we would highly recommend their services.

Gary & Marg

My husband and I decided to do the “downsizing” thing. The last few years have been more of a labour than a labour of love when it came to maintaining our home. We invited Patty Mack of ReMax Camosun and her partner in business Lee Johnston to come and talk with us.

Patty explained that she had watched her parents go from a big house to apartment to townhouse and then finally a rancher. My husband and I felt that we had one more kick at the can in the rancher department.

Well Patty and Lee let us know that they would price realistically. The market was slow and getting slower. We were given a price by them and their team of realtors from ReMax came in and all gave an opinion. When the dust settled the price was what we all had decided on.

We listed our home for six months figuring that it would probably take that long in this market. Well by golly four days short of a month we had an offer. We accepted the offer in awe and amazement.

If you do not like being given advice you’re going to get it anyway. QUIT BUYING STUFF. Now we are into packing, sorting.

Our best friends are the staff at the Salvation Army thrift store. The fun part is being able to look for our new home and thanking the Stars above that we won’t have to rent a furnished apartment for long. Very expensive!!! We swear that we will never buy another thing…unless it is food.

Thanks Patty and Lee, you are the best!

Cy and Myrna

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